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Social Media is now an essential part of any business marketing plan. More often than not people are collecting information online long before approaching vendors. And this applies for both personal and business transactions.

This purchasing information is increasingly coming from social media channels. So the first step in any business social media strategy must be to look professional on the major channels: LinkedIn; Facebook; Twitter; Google+.

Business Connection Resources have been helping business people look good on social media for over 7 years.

We also help our clients develop strategies which ensure they increase their social media footprint. This is done through consistently increasing their number of connections on selected channels. Plus the distribution of informative and pertinent content to those connections.


Looking great on social media is only part of the story. Nowadays, every business should be using social media as a key business development channel. This process is known as “social business development”.

Having established an outstanding presence on the key social media channels, you need to grow that presence by increasing your connections on each channel. Then publishing pertinent information via your social media channels.
Information that is going to be relevant and interesting to your existing clients and potential prospects.

All this will ensure your business in the minds of purchases when they make the decision to proceed. But at Business Connection Resources we do more, much more.

We’re focussed on helping you to find opportunities to develop “weak” online relationships into stronger real world relationships. Helping to accelerate the business development process.

We facilitate this acceleration through events, seminars, webinars and other marketing activities.


Networking+ provides real world business events that are both professional and stimulating. They are an ideal forum to strengthen existing business relationships and meet new contacts.

One of the concepts behind Networking+ is to provide events which offer an effective way to develop your online contacts into real world relationships. Without the need to visit each one of them personally!

Networking+ events also provide a great opportunity to meet many other good quality business people. These new contacts often becoming new clients, business partners or online connections.

Participants in Networking+  also support each other online. This can be done by making introductions. As well as, helping to promote each others online content.


Presenting to prospects is a key part of the business development process. Our presentation services help you gain skills that can immediately be used to improve your presentations. They include the application of the latest ideas from the world's top presentation experts.

Our coaching sessions will enable you to:

  • Develop your own engaging presentation content
  • Create more persuasive presentations
  • Approach speaking opportunities with added confidence
  • Win more business

Topics covered during coaching sessions include:

  • Creating the subject matter of your presentations
  • Applying the appropriate structure
  • Crafting the right words to use
  • Effective use of visual aids
  • Enhancing your delivery
  • Achieving continuous improvement

To contact us regrading your social media and business development needs:
Phone: 1300 556 250 or Email: info@business-connections.com.au

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