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Not using hashtags in your LinkedIn posts? It's time to start. Here's why.

Hashtags are now active on the desktop version of LinkedIn in Australia. (They've been active on the mobile version for a while.)

So what? It means you can now more easily find posts related to topics you're interested in. Rather than be confined to those selected for you by LinkedIn on the Home page (in my experience, normally a pretty poor selection).

Using hashtag searches (see below) transforms LinkedIn back into a relevant and very useful news source!

Not using hashtags in your LinkedIn posts? A lot more people will now be finding LinkedIn posts via hashtags, it's time to start using them. And to create a hashtag strategy, if you don't already have one in place for other social media channels.*

How do you find pertinent posts using hashtags? The simplest way is to click on an interesting hashtag within a LinkedIn post.

Alternatively, you can enter a hashtag within the LinkedIn "Search" box on the top left of the Home page. Then select the "Posts" column. Hint: enter multiple hashtags for more focused search results.

The search results provided do seem to be a little quirky in terms of their ordering. There must be some sort of filtering going on. But they do provide much more relevant information than you'll find on the Home page. Keyword searches are also available on LinkedIn but using hashtags will produce more precise results.

Enjoy this better quality information. Let me know how it works for you.

*If you need any help in this area, I would of course be delighted to assist.

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