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Business Connections Networking

Business Connections brings together Outstanding People, Professional Venues and Innovative Networking. Without a doubt, it's the best way to grow your business network in Sydney.


Our unique networking formula will allow you to increase your business contacts, identify new business opportunities and discover new collaboration partners. Continually building your business contacts is essential but it can be time-consuming. Business Connections provides a highly effective way to grow and maintain your network.

Business networking events

Business Sales

Our strategic alliance with LINK Business Brokers enables us to offer a unique service to those wishing to sell their business.  Combining presentation, networking and business skills with LINK's outstanding infrastructure.


LINK is the largest and most respected business brokerage in the world. With over 120 brokers in Australia alone. They facilitate the sale and purchase of businesses, whilst simultaneously ensuring exceptional professionalism, integrity and confidentiality throughout the end to end business sale process.

Business broking in Sydney, NSW, Australia

Business Workshop Programs

The "Connections Workshop Program" involves attracting pertinent individuals to workshop-style events on a sought-after business topic. We'll work with you to develop a workshop specifically for your Sydney-based target market. Then promote and populate each workshop you hold through extensive LinkedIn, Meetup, Facebook and email channels.  


The whole process is designed to help you build relationships through each workshop, create a "tribe" for your business and develop appropriate prospects into paying clients.

How to run business workshops

Business Presentation Consulting

95% of business presentations are mundane. We make sure your presentations are in the top 5%. Our in-person consulting program will equip you with the knowledge and skills to immediately enhance your presentations.


Our online "Present with Impact" course is exceptional. Why? Because it doesn't just deliver a single viewpoint on conducting business presentations. It pulls together the best concepts from leading experts across the world. As well as, reviewing the most pertinent research related to conducting effective presentations.

How to give a business presentation
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