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Business Connections

Straightforward, uncomplicated, yet high-quality business networking events in the heart of the Sydney CBD

Increase your business contacts, identify new opportunities and discover new collaboration partners. 

Sydney Business Connections
North Sydney 
Business Connections

Make sure you are part of the rapidly-growing business scene in North Sydney. 


High-quality business networking events.

North Sydney Business Connections
Business Event

A unique information service covering business events in Australia - using the web, social media and newsletters.

Take advantage of our attractive options to promote your own business event.

Business event marketing
Present with Impact
The Online Course

95% of business presentations are mundane. This course will ensure your presentations are in the top 5%.

Access the best concepts from leading experts across the world.

Business presention course

95% of business presentations are mundane. We make sure your presentations are in the top 5%.

Our programs will equip you with the knowledge and skills to immediately enhance your presentations.

Business presentation consulting

Your LinkedIn Profile is your most important personal web presence. We'll make yours world class.


Find out how to really  make the most of LinkedIn with our one-on-one consultancy services.

LinkedIn consulting

Evernote is a brilliant online note taking facility, which can greatly increase your productivity.

Our consultancy services will make sure you to gain outstanding benefits from Evernote.

Social Media

Make sure you're geared up to take advantage of social media.

We'll use our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge to create and document a comprehensive social media strategy for your business.

Social Media

Social media advertising is a powerful way to reach a highly targeted audience. 

Using our expertise, we'll create a highly cost-effective campaign for your business.

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