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Business presentation course

Present with Impact

Get a certificate by completing the program.

95% of business presentations are mundane. This course will ensure your presentations are in the top 5%. Why is this course exceptional? It doesn't just deliver a single viewpoint on conducting business presentations. It pulls together the best concepts from leading experts across the world. This course will quickly enable you to: • Develop engaging presentation content. • Start and finish presentations with real impact. • Use images to supercharge your presentations. • Approach speaking opportunities with confidence. • Turn anxiety into a benefit! • Maintain the interest of your audience. • Deliver more persuasive presentations. • Win more business with effective presentations. The course is presented using incisive commentary, powerful graphics and entertaining videos. You will gain a whole new perspective on conducting business presentations: GUARANTEED*. Topics covered include: • Preparing for your presentation. • Creating the substance of your presentations. • Applying the appropriate structure. • Crafting the dialogue to use. • The effective use of visual aids. • Enhancing your delivery. Fast-track for immediate results in just 2 hours OR complete the full course at your own pace including supporting videos, valuable exercises and awesome supplementary material. +++ "Richard has a magical way of training and advising that made my experience really enjoyable. His expertise and knowledge in presentations has really elevated my skills to the next level." Yesica Alfonso "A fascinating insight into what to do and what not to do. I have walked away with some great tips and can highly recommend Richard." Ben Hughes. "Richard's presentation workshop has boosted my presentation skills and confidence exponentially." Jonti Sarak. "It gave me the tools and skills to become more confident when presenting." Mark Morcos. +++ *If this course doesn't markedly improve your presentation ability - we'll refund the program fee in full.


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