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Evernote - Your Essential Productivity Tool

Effortless Note-Taking. Unmatched Features. Powerful Search. 150 Million Registered Users.

What is Evernote?

You've probably been using paper for years (even decades!) as a vital part of your business activities: jotting down ideas; planning activities; taking notes at meetings; drafting articles; and much more. So you'll also know the problems with paper: lost notes; full pages; poor legibility; finding specific items; static layouts; integration with online resources.


Evernote is an online note taking service, which allows you to:


  • Quickly and easily create new notes on any topic

  • Edit existing notes

  • Share notes

  • Access notes on desktop, tablet and mobile devices

  • Save web pages, emails, PDF's, images, Word and Excel documents

  • Search your notes for specific terms

  • Back-up your valuable notes using secure cloud technology

How Do I Get Going?

Our consultancy package will very quickly establish a personalised Evernote facility. And familiarise you with its operation. Thus enabling you to immediately gain a massive increase in personal productivity. (Without spending hours learning the ropes!)


The package includes:


  • Establishment of your Evernote facility

  • Creation of a personalised productivity solution

  • One-on-one training & strategy session

  • Advice on other productivity tools

  • Australian Evernote Certified Consultant

Investment: $450 plus GST.

Cooperating with other team members?

Greatly improving personal productivity isn't the only way Evernote can help. The Evernote Business version will also provide for:


  • Sharing and discussing notes between colleagues

  • Business wide content discovery functionality

  • A central team hub for information sharing

  • A presentation mode

  • Business card scanning

  • Easy-to-use business wide deployment and administration facilities

  • Data retention capability for business related information

Evernote Web Clipper

Richard A Carter
Evernote Certified Consultant

EVERNOTE, the Evernote Elephant logo and REMEMBER EVERYTHING are trademarks of Evernote Corporation and used under a license.

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