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Webinar and Online Event Promotion - Limited Opportunity

Are you looking to expand the audience for your webinars? And reach more potential clients?


Then we have a terrific, but limited-time opportunity for you - using the world's leading platform for organising in-person events - Meetup.


Our extensive network of Meetup groups has over 30,000 members.*  Normally you can't feature online events on Meetup. But they're waiving this rule during the current coronavirus crises.


The benefits of working with Business Connections Resources to promote your webinar or online event include:


  • Our Meetup group members love events but can't go to live ones at the moment. Good webinars will grab their attention.

  • With fewer events currently being featured on Meetup, your webinar will get great exposure both on the site itself and via group announcements. 

  • A number of our Meetup groups are predominantly business-focused. 

  • Meetup is only allowing online events to be featured because of the current coronavirus crises. It's a unique opportunity to reach a new audience.

  • Webinars on the Meetup groups will also be promoted via our extensive LinkedIn and Facebook networks.



* Meetup is the world's leading platform for in-person events with over 49 million members. The members of our Meetup groups are mainly based in Sydney and generally within the 25 to 55 age range. 


There is a low, crises-friendly marketing fee of just $180 plus GST to cover the cost of creating the Meetup event pages and social media posts.


For any questions contact Richard Carter on 0419 241 099 or via

You can make a secure online payment via PayPal  HERE

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Business Connections Meetup Group  -  Just one of the Meetup groups that could feature your webinar or online event.

NOTE: Events will only be published on our Meetup groups if their content aligns with the group's stated purpose. The events will also need to conform to Meetup policies, which have temporarily been extended to allow online events.

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