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The BIGGEST Presentation Mistake You'll Ever Make.

Most business people treat their presentations as a channel through which to impart as much information as possible to their audience.

Unfortunately, presentations are a very poor way with which to get people to absorb information. There are far better ways to do that, especially with all the tools available in the modern world.

And this focus on information dispersal leads to the biggest mistake most presenters make...only addressing the logical half of the human brain.

Your audience, however, is at the presentation for a very specific connect with you, the presenter. Otherwise, they could just stay in the office and read your information. Saving themselves a lot of time into the bargain.

In order to create that all important connection with the audience, as a presenter you must address the emotional side of the brain. There are lots of ways to achieve this but three of the most important are:

  • Tailoring your presentation to the audience.

  • Encouraging interaction.

  • Using attractive, emotionally charged images.

All that technical detail you want to impart can be provided via a post-presentation handout or by referring your audience to a well-prepared web resource. If you've made a connection, you've now got a chance of the audience actually being interested in the in-depth details related to your topic.

Don't waste the time of your next audience, make sure you're focused on making a strong connection with them.

To learn more about how to address the emotional side of the human brain and make a powerful connection with your audience, check out my Present with Impact course. It will provide a massive enhancement to the way you approach business presentations. Guaranteed.

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