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Added Flavour for Popular TGIF Meetup Event.

The long running TGIF Meetup events were enlivened on Friday, when a case of Hunter Valley Special Selection wine was donated by Ironfish, Australia's leading smart property investment company.

Over 120 people were in attendance for the popular Friday evening event, which was held at Settlement on Quay, a smart bistro style restaurant located on Sydney's iconic Circular Quay. Lu Nan and Colin Lee of Ironfish were both present with Lu making the draw and pulling out the name of one

Lu Nan, Ironfish and draw winner

lucky attendee.

"The Meetup groups promoting TGIF offer a great platform to connect with like-minded professionals, and Ironfish is always keen to support and encourage professionals to explore, connect and find new opportunities to realise their career and life goals. Thank you to Richard Carter for organising such a great event." commented Lu Nan, Head of Marketing at Ironfish.

By sponsoring the event, Ironfish benefited by exposure to over 45,000 people through event postings on the Meetup site and even more through the associated social media campaign. As well as, making connections with many attendees at the event itself.

In further comments, Lu also explained "At Ironfish, our mission is to help our customers achieve long term financial security through smart portfolio investing. However, we see property investment as just the beginning of our service offering. Our overarching aim is to inspire professionals to take ownership of their future and reach their full potential - both in terms of financial goals as well as personal and professional development."

Thank Goodness It's Friday (TGIF) Meetup's have been running for over 5 years, attracting a growing attendance through the Meetup site and social media promotion. The events are an ideal way for people to kick-off of their weekend, providing a very convivial atmosphere for the 35+ age group. They are held at a variety of specially selected venues located within the Sydney CBD.

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