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7 Reasons to Move to the Cloud in January

Moving key business applications across to a cloud-based service has many benefits. And making that transition in January might be just the right time to do it. Here are the reasons why.

1) Money. You can avoid spending another big chunk of your profits on IT support in 2017.

2) Timing. January can be a great time to make changes, with many businesses experiencing less pressure on their operations during the holiday season.

3) Real-Time Data. You'll be able to get easy access to up-to-date data from any device, anywhere.

4) Upgrades. You'll no longer need to organise and pay for server hardware and software upgrades. Your cloud provider ensures your applications are always running on the latest technology.

5) Changes. Get new staff online in minutes, not hours or days. Through your own online portal or via the cloud providers help desk.

6) Security. It's better in the cloud. Your data is always protected by the latest security software.

And backed up across multiple off-site data centres.

7) Fixed Costs. Implementation, support and software upgrades are all covered by a fixed monthly fee. There is no up-front capital expenditure involved.

But isn't my data going to end up stored overseas under the control of a large US corporation?

Not necessarily. If you'd like to find out about an outstanding Australian vendor using Australian data centres, please contact me on 1300 556 250 or

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